Swing in…….

57’35 064’25 course 201, speed 6.5kn

The winds do what they want. And I for one cant blame them. The Drake is their play ground and we are simply guest on a short stay… (hopefully) They whip up a great sea and then leave with out notice. And there we are, stuck in the middle. Struggling to keep the sails filled we plot on. It is not all bad. Progress is good and the sun is out aswell! We watch the birds struggle with the lack of wind as they look more and more clumsy with the fading airs. One could nearly say it looks like summer! Evenings are long and the night sky is filled with that orange and blue glow distinctive to higher latitudes. Of course the Southrn Cross is leading the way and Orion reminds us of the way back, just in case we forget. The new crew is steadily finding their feet and putting on more layers of cloths. Dirk lost his beany but is the proud owner of a custom hand knitted Tecla one now. The orange colors really go well with his red Musto jacket… brave man! Rob seems to be recovering from his fall rather well. Not one hundred precent yet but getting there. He braves the evening chill like nothing ever happened. Hidde our 18 year old deck hand has a strange trip. His watch is from 0300 to 0900 and 1500 to 2100 in the evening. This way he can help in both shifts if needed. It doesnt seem to bother him! He gets on deck with a smile and sings along with a new song every day. Truly in a league of his own! Al is well

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