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A review from one of our voyage crew

Kirsty Hunt joined us for a cruise along the Brazilian coast. She had never sailed before and booked her trip.

Last stop in Brazil

We have left Caravelas and spend 24 hours on the Abrolhos. 7 of these hours where spend under water… scraping.

Fun in sail handling!

Two nights ago Diane stayed on deck a bit longer after her watch. We were supposed to tack in 30.

birds on the bowsprit

Ready for sailing again!

Almost ready to leave Santos again. Now underway with a few new adventurers, setting off with a nice South West Breeze!.

Maintenance and CarnivalOnderhoud en Carneval

The sun is just rising. It is almost 06:00, my watch is almost done. The water is like a mirror.

From Colibri to CapivaraVan Kolibrie tot Capivara

Our visit to Ilha Anchieta was a great success! We got a special tour lead by Sergio, who was born.

tecla crew diving in brazil

Diving with sea turtles and rays!Een duik met zeeschildpadden en roggen!

The fourth day into our cruise, so far we have stopped on Alcatrazes, Ilha Bela and now we are at.

tecla at anchor, brazil

From Santos to Alcatraz in the morningVertrek uit Santos naar Alcatraz deze ochtend

Tecla anchored in Santos Brazil, but getting ready to leave and start cruising along the Brazilian coast!

at anchor in brazil

The Brazilian welcome continues! The Brazilian welcome continues!

Not only in Itajaí were they happy to see us (although still the best welcome and lovely people) but also.


Brazilian welcomeBraziliaans welkom

Sitting on the aft of the Tecla enjoying (thoroughly enjoying) a beautiful lightshow of fireflies on the Island in front.