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Tristan stop

Tristan stop

36.40S 007.31W 090 8kn Running our easting down so they say. What ever you call it we are making good.

last shopping in cape town

Last night in Cape TownLaatste avond in Kaapstad

We have had our last night in Cape Town, for this visit! Most of our time here was spend on.

sailing into the sunset

A South African welcome with pinguinsEen Zuid Afrikaans welkom met pinguins

During the last few days of our South Atlantic crossing we lost our airtime so we could not update the.

Table Mountain in Cape Town

Cape Town! 02-05-2013 Kaapstad! 02-05-2013

Cape Town! This morning the Tecla arrived in Cape Town. The first ocean is done. The last leg just sailed with.