Tall Ships Regatta 2014 | Tecla

Tall Ships Regatta 2014

Falmouth – Greenwich

Not only racing, but also cruising! The opportunity to take part in a short fanatical race, and afterwards a nice cruise together with the other participating Tall Ships. Get ready for some fast sailing through the English Channel.

From Falmouth, the STI (Sail Training International) has organised a race at the start of the English Channel, leading up to the Isle of Wight where the race will stop and the cruise to Greenwich will start. This Regatta will end just a few miles out of the city centre of London. The Tecla was the first to enlist in this Regatta and will set sail during Sail Royal Greenwich afterwards.

You can join the Regatta and be part of this late summer event. Joining into the race are Tall Ships from all sizes, from small traditional English boats to the biggest Tall Ships. During the Falmouth festival there will be plenty of time to have a look at all of them. The race will be a short leg from Falmouth to the finish close to the isle of Wight.

After the race the ships will continue to make their way east and if wind and weather permit, they will have the time for a few nice stops along the English coast, into the Thames estuary. In Greenwich there will be a festival organised for the trainees, while the ships sail daytrips on the Thames.

  • Falmouth – Greenwich

  • 30-08 // 07-08

  • 8 days, 6 days at sea

  • All ages, all nationalities

  • Possible stops: Isle of Wight

  • Price 15-25 years: €720

  • Price 25+ years: €855

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