Tecla and Tecla service car underway

23-10-2023 North Atlantic


100 CG

And so we roll on… We managed to miss the good winds last night and this morning. We were to slow in the beginning. No use to beat yourself up about it, we are still making good time. The skies are so clear you can see for miles. The only thing breaking the view is the odd little squall that passes by. Last night we saw what was probably the last of the aurora. It does not cease to amaze! This morning a little breeze sprang up and looked promising. The forecast however dictates differently. By the end of tomorrow we will be getting a fresh batch of south easterlies on the nose! The game plan is to make as much east as we comfortably can and then take the head winds on a port tack down to the British Isles. One always needs a good plan… so one can change it again…  for now, we pass the time telling stories and feeling generally humbled by the big sea!

all is well


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