Tecla at anchor at Horta, Azores!

34 miles to go, 35 days Ocean sailing
Hopefully this will be our last night
watch, with 34 miles to go to the Azores and a speed somewhere around 5 knots,
it seems that this voyage will end on the 35th day out. The longest trip in this
circumnavigation (Cape Horn was rounded in 33 days).

We have jibed twice
today, topsails down and up again. Trying to get as close as possible to the
course line, straight for Horta. We have been staring at clouds all day long,
thinking that they might also be land, but most likely they were only a sign of
land, not the actual thing. The lights on both Faial and Pico are only visible
at 13NM, so we will not see them this night watch, or maybe just the loom behind
the horizon, so far no such luck.

As I write this, the GPS is slowly but
surely ticking away the miles, 32,7 miles now. It is almost 3 oclock in the
morning, board time. Outside it is dark and damp, we are in our sailing suit,
not because it is cold, but because everything is wet. The stars are bright,
with a little bit of clouds. The Milkyway is clearly visible and Polaris is
guiding our way. 32,5 miles……..

This was the logbook of yesterday. As I was painting the floor of my little “office” and forgot to take my computer with me, the logbook was not “in the air” yesterday morning.

The good news is, they are at anchor at Horta as you can see on the yellow brick. Some maintenance will be done and of course the Bark Europa joining the Tecla in a view weeks will be celebrated!

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