Tecla in Morbihan

During the maritiem festival La Semaine du Golfe in and around Vannes, the Tecla sailed daytrips and was part of the Grand Parade on Saturday.

La Semaine du Golfe is always a beautiful festival to attend. Many smaller and bigger traditional festivals from all over Europa attend and sail around the bay of Morbihan every day of the week. Onshore you will find many places to get a bite too eat or a drink, oisters, cider with casis and beautiful wines. 

The Tecla and her crew had a great time in Arradon, their mooring place. And although the weather was not particularly good, the atmosphere was!  Especially during the Grand Parade on Saturday. With a Nice active group on board, the Tecla sailed between 10 and 17h with hundreds (what seemed thousands at the time) of smaller and bigger vessels around. With a strong current running and so many boats on the water it was great to see so many people display such good seamanship!

The Tecla was in the same group as the la recouvrance, one of Frances most beautiful ships. We also met with the Iris, Bessie Ellen and some smaller boats from the flotilla’s.

Right now the Tecla is underway to falmouth, UK. Headlines is the name of the game once again. This time a north to north west wind is making their voyage a little harder the with the southerly breeze they had while making their way to Morbihan.


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