Tecla renovation / re-build

The 106 year old Tecla is ready for a big renovation, a near rebuild of her under water hull. On this page you will be able to follow the latest news, new pictures and detailed descriptions of the crew.

We would like to show you all and everything. And are interested in hearing what you think. So please contact us with your questions, requests etc. We will go live every once in a while, during these live sessions you will also be able to ask questions and get more information.

Here she is!!

A segment of 17 meters long has been build by SRF shipyard in Harlingen the Netherlands. This segment has been build after a scan of the current hull was made and cutting / welding files were produced. 

The hull new segment of hull is build of 10mm steel and will fit so the old rafters will connect to the new part. 

The video’s shown here were shot during the last parts of the build of the segment, when she was nearly ready to go outside. 

What Where and Why¡?¡

The Tecla has sailed professionally for 106 years. She has sailed around the world with us, around the Americas. She has made her way through the North West Passage, she sailed around Cape Horn twice. She has visited the Arctic and Antarctic in one year and has seen whales the same length she is. 

To keep her doing these amazing things. To make sure she can keep our guest crew safe on board for many more years to come, a major refit was necessary. And well deserved. 

For three years this refit has been in the planning. Starting with a quiet question of how to keep an old lady looking young and working hard. Answered with a boisterous voice saying to completely renew a big part of the hull, instead of renewing just one plate at a time. This way, the interior can get an update, that is complete throughout the vessel. 

In our logbook you will be able to follow our progress. We will keep you updated with weekly, if not more, updates. Gijs and Jet will be working in the dockyard as well. They will go live on facebook with new developments and register all major changes with drone and go pro footage. 

Stay tuned for updates! 

Ask us your questions!

We would like to keep everybody informed, so if there is any topic you would like to know more about, please let us know, leave us a comment on facebook or send us and email!

During the proces of developing the drawings, making the plan and getting our funding right, we have been working with several companies. We are very happy to be surrounded by so many skillful people. 


SRF Shipbuilding

The shipyard that has already made the new hull of the Tecla and is ready to start welding the new segment to the old frames. SRF is situated in Harlingen, the Netherlands. https://www.scheepsreparatiefriesland.nl

Olivier van Meer

Olivier van Meer is the designer of our plans. He has made the drawings of the new interior, the list of materials to use etc. www.oliviervanmeer.com


RHC is a Classification bureau, in charge of the certificates and rules this re-build should comply with. RHC is specialized in sailing vessels that are as old as the Tecla is.


NAVYK was there to make the scan of the old hull and start on the files needed to make the segment.