won the Race of the Classics

It has been a windy week, but what do you expect in the middle of October!

Nonetheless, the 24 Tall Ships in the Race of the Classics Young Professionals set out on Wednesday morning to sail to the other side of the water, to Ipswich, England. The Tecla won this leg on rating after finishing as third, behind the navel yacht of the Netherlands. And then the party started. Ipswich was turned into a dress up party for the Young professionals of all the Dutch vessels and the party went on until the early hours.

But like real seamen, Tecla’s team, Deloitte Digital, was ready to go as soon as the captains got back from their briefing.

After a spectacular start the Tecla shot off to the other side of the pond again, this time heading for IJmuiden. Sadly due to weather and wind increase, the race got called short and so all the vessels made their way to IJmuiden in their own pace.

The last night in IJmuiden is always a special night, quayside parties, the feeling of having made it through everything, wind, weather, waves, seasickness and all the parties. Next morning in IJmuiden is always a rough one.

And yesterday the Tecla moored in the centre of Amsterdam after a sail in. All sails were taken off, ready for winter. But the crew was ready for a party! And to be told who was the winner of this years race!

The suspense was killing everybody as the leader board worked their way up from the last position at 24.. But at calling out the number 3, the party at the Deloitte team had already started. Hardly hearing the name of the number 2, the overwhelming cheer at number one was well given and well deserved!

Well done Deloitte Digital team, and well done Tecla crew (Gijs, Loes, Sophie and Ed)!


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