icebergs seen from the tecla

The Arctic

For over 4 months will be spend in the Arctic regions. A name that sends shivers down your spine with just a whisper. The name breathes cold, ice, adventure and explore. In the months the Tecla will be in the Arctic, it will be summer. The nights are long, or even never ending and although at first there will be snow everywhere, during our stay in the North, the snow declines and leave some room for an amazing bed of flowers that signify that summer has arrived. 

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Just a week of Iceland

Set Sail for just a week – discovering those places of Iceland that you cannot reach by car. We will take you into the heart of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. We will take you to some of the quietest anchorage, some of the steepest bird cliffs and over some of the most fantastic hills. 

Tecla anchored in adelvik

Two weeks of Iceland

Or you can sail with us for two weeks in Iceland. Setting sail to the Arctic Circle – our Blue Nose voyage.

We start of with a visit to Hornstrandir and then we take you a step further! Sailing to Drangey with birds nesting and flowers blooming. And then to Grimsey where you will stand on the ever moving Arctic Circle. Before we finish with Whales in the fjord were Akureyri lies.

3 week Greenland voyage

From Iceland we set sail for Scoresbysund on the East coast of Greenland. Here we will stay for over 10 days, exploring the sound and rounding the island Milne Land. This voyage offers you the best of both worlds. You will start your voyage with exploring Hornstrandir, getting to know the ship and its crew. And after that you will sail for 3 days, before hitting the ice and becoming an expert on Ice navigation. In Greenland you will be able to see Arctic Hares, Muskoxen, Arctic Skua’s, Long Tail Skuas and so much more! 

Be part of our voyage crew to the Arctic

Even better! Last year we were sailing the Hornstrandir fjords on Tecla, it was fantastic! This year our three-week voyage to Greenland has been even better. Awesome!!! We've been sailing through the ice, passing massive icebergs, seeing magnificent glaciers ... with the tranquillity of being guided by an experienced skipper and his great crew, in the company of a group of friendly and funny guest mates. Thank you for this wonderful
Maria and Manuel
Sail with the Tecla in 2016 and 2017
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