The beginning of the Northern Lights

70’03.6N 063’05.4W course 135′ speed 7,1kn
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We are still under engine on an oily sea. The water moves slowly it seems, with a swell of old wind and nothing else. The moonlight reflects in the water like it’s a mirror. Even the first bit of Northern Lights reflected back from the surface, thats how calm it is.

This evening we came on watch and Tim was beaming, ‘we saw northern lights!’. Dirk came over with his phone to show the camera and quickly admitted that the phone showed more then they had really seen. BUT its a start! The lights show up in the South West, as we look towards Canada, which is surprising seen you would expect them in the North. At watch handover there were no more lights to be seen, just a starry beautiful sky, with Milky way clearly visible and stars twinkling from above and from the water surface. But an hour into the watch we have now had a bit of a Northern light show as well. Very faintly, shimmers on the horizon, but still its there!

During the day we spend an hour or so replacing the forestaysail for the doldrum one, as this forestaysail needs some tender love and care. One watch was able to take the sail down and replace it. Our watch then folded the one they took down, to start working on it when we get to Greenland. I baked oat cookies, they were kind of good. But other then that, we had a nice quiet, relaxed day, making our miles towards Greenland on a steady pace.
In the dark we have an ice watch in the front to make sure we do not miss anything. The radar shows all the bigger bergs, or chonks, but growlers (chonk chonks) may not show up until late. Right now we have no bergs on the radar, so easy goings.

All is well on board, Jet

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