The Brazilian welcome continues! The Brazilian welcome continues!

Not only in Itajaí were they happy to see us (although still the best welcome and lovely people) but also during the last 80 miles up along the coast from Itajaí to Paranagua, people have come out with their dinghy to greet us! The amount of pictures taken from us is amazing! We received a nice email from Optimist sailors that saw us at “the ugly island”, we anchored close to the island Ilha da Paz and where straight away invited to a BBQ on a yacht,  we anchored near Capri (close to Soa Francisco do sul) and got a fish from some locals that came by in their boat, they had only just caught it, fresher was not possible. An amazingly beautiful fish called a Gajo or so we understood!

No better reason for a BBQ then a fresh fish! So while we sailed out with a nice seabreeze we lit the BBQ in the wind shade and flame grilled the fish and some lamb chops still left from the Falkland Islands! By far the best Lamb meat we have ever tasted!

Last night we passed Guaratuba and got a call on the VHF from somebody of the Yaghtclub that saw us sailing and wanted to send us some pictures he had taken. And then this morning we arrived in near Paranagua, we dropped anchor at Ilha do Mel and again straight away we had all kinds of little boats coming to have a look, take pictures and have a chat.

The weather has been amazing. Sun al day long, wind is very variable though, not really any direction, more a land a seabreeze changing during the day. The nights are warm and a little damp, but still we are outside in our shorts and tshirt! Right now we have made a sun tent to have some form of shade on board! We used our small jib, the jib that got us through all the storms around Cape Horn. If it could think, it must be surprised to be hauled out with no wind and just sun!

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