The front passing

8-12 02:50 board time

We were sailing so beautifully. The wind was turning as we expected, we were going south and the approach of a front was visible through out the day. Clouds were slowly changing and at the end of the afternoon the first rain started.

At midnight the rain really kicked in and the warm air was felt on our skin. Wind turned more, we sheeted in and kept on going.. until the wind (of course) died out completely leaving us with a confused sea state that was throwing us from side to side. The worst!!!!!


Here we were, all sun burned from the sun of the afternoon, holding on to any thing we could grab as we went sideways and bobbing along.. We have 3200 miles left on this crossing.. so we started the engine. Barely keeping the sails full, we are now hoping and waiting for the 15 knots southerly winds that were predicted… Time to get a new weather report in and hope for the best.. If it does not improve we will have to take down the sails.

Other than that, all is well on board. Getting into our routine of the watches.

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