The night is dark and filled with.. showers

45’36.6N 023’30.5W course 068′ speed 8,1kn

We are sailing with speed, dodging showers if we can and using them to our advantage if we have go through them. Some of them give us a lift in wind direction, but most of them just give us a wild ride in wind force.

After writing yesterdays logbook and almost falling a sleep in the warm cosy aft, the wind increased to a force 4 around 5 o’clock in the morning and we were back sailing with a moderate speed, but at least a comfortable heel in the waves. During the day the sun was out and the sailing was amazing, force 5, no showers. Dolphins splashing around, people sitting outside off watch, reading a book or just having a chat, enjoying the good life. And the watch just enjoying the waves, wind, sunshine and steering the Tecla as she was very easy on the helm. Since just before dinner, we are under reeved mainsail, reeved mizzen, forestaysail and number two jib. A squall came in with force and made it very clear that the weather report was right, it was going to be 22 knots, gusting 27 for sure!

So here we are, averaging a speed of 8,4 knots, heading straight for the English Channel. The crew are all excited, it’s an exhilarating sail, adrenaline is pumping and concentration on the helm is big. We just spotted a moon bow. A rainbow made by the light of the moon. They are not bright in color, but are different shades of grey light. The moon bow we saw was complete, from one side to the other.. it did mean we got wet just minutes later, but it was worth the view. Max tried to take a picture, but it was just too dark.

Stella is on the helm right now, this shower is both strong in force and the wind is veering. Makes steering very interesting, nothing she can’t handle. After 7 weeks on board, all the crew have a feeling for what the ship should feel like, when is she happy with the wind direction, speed and heel in the waves. It makes steering easier and better, knowing these little differences. And although we all like this speed and love how the ship is taking it, I think and hope, most of us still prefer that perfect sail just after the equator and also close to the Azores. When the wind was just starting to pick up, force 3, close hauled sailing. Sailing with topsails set, hardly any waves, just this amazing speed a quiet, calm atmosphere on board. It everything but quiet and calm right now!

All is well on board, Jet

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