And then it comes from underneath the cloud. It is such a perfect picture. No wind, hardly a movement in the water and such a ray of colors!! THE PERFECT PICTURE!

The sun is gone for about an hour or so and we can see it starts rising again, nearly under the horizon. As it rises, it is even more perfect! Again a picture!! We are all staring at the horizon on the starboard side, hours on end, loving our view and then Sam points out, ‘look at the portside, the light on the mountains is amazing’. Again THE PERFECT PICTURE! Pink and lilac is reflected of the ice and snow on the mountains of Baffin Island. We are at that time 45 miles out of the coast and even at this distance the reflection is amazing. I made so many pictures, it will be hard to figure out which one is the best.

We are now 44 miles of Pond Inlet and hope to arrive this evening, some time after dinner. Clearing in will be done the next morning and that will see us entered into Canada officially. Pond Inlet was named in 1818 by explorer John Ross after the English astronomer John Pond. The Inuit name for this settlement is Mittimatalik.

The last few days we have been in contact with several North West Passage experts and they all agree, it looks very good this year, except that the Easterly wind that will be blowing the next few days, will not help to clean up the bigger icebergs. We still have time, Peel Sound has not yet opened up and nor has Bellot strait. The waiting game will soon be on as we make our way to Lancaster Sound and then Beechey island or Resolute bay.

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