The YB is working again

sail sail sail
What a day! The wind stayed with us and the Tecla just did her thing under reefed sails. With ease we kept a course between a close reach and close hauled, the Tecla just followed where we needed to go. As the winds got up a little in the afternoon, blowing a full force 6, we stayed on a close hauled course spilling some of the excess wind and trying to keep the rig up for when the wind would decrease. It wend beautifully until around 22:00 when the wind decreased too much and the sails started flapping around. Since then we have been under engine making our way to the waypoint set between Isla Nueva and Isla Lennox. We are at the hight of Cape Horn just now, but cannot see it. The night has gone dark and the stars have come out.

For the first time in weeks we are seeing luminescent algae in the water and can see the shine of the moon in the waves. It is a beautiful night with the waves slowly decreasing and our speed coming up a little. Hopefully by morning we will have nice view on Tierra del Fuego!

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