Lighter winds and a blue blue ocean

28’26.0S 113’43.2W coure 260′ speed 7,3kn

As we left Rapa Nui, we had a reef in the mainsail and the mizzen and our second jib up. During the night the wind started to decrease and so, with the morning watch handover, the reefs of the mainsail and the mizzen were taken out. And as the sun was setting in a spectacular way, the second jib was changed into the big jib. We are heading downwind, with the prospect of a gybe in the next 24 hours as the wind is predicted to change slightly into a Easterly with a North component in stead of a Southerly component.

Other then that, all is well on board. We are surrounded by an intense blue ocean. We have had tropic birds flying around, but no other wildlife yet. Except for the Dolphinfish, or Mahi Mahi that we caught and threw back as it was still way to small. With a length of no longer then 35 cm, this beautiful fish (that can get to over 150cm) has a life ahead if it that we did not want to cut too short.

Routine on board is starting to set in. A night snack a 02:00, porridge at 06:00, breakfast at 08:00, lunch at 12:00 and dinner at 18:00. With coffee tea and biscuits in between. Waking up 20 minutes before the watch starts and throwing on shorts and a t-shirt before heading up on your flipflops and enjoying the sunshine or the shade up on deck. Life is not too bad in the pacific ocean, so to say.

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