This world that just keeps spinning 9-7-2020

During the last few days we have gone over most of the possibilities of how our earth is shaped and what theories there are and how they came to life. We have talked about a donut shaped world for part of night watch, where the sky would be across from the gap in between the two parts of a donut. We talked about the earth maybe being flat. What if.. I almost convinced part of the watch of this theory… But having sailed on both far ends of the world by now, I believe this theory is flawed in many ways. So we went on to talk about the inner earth theory, which for me is still quite new.  Maybe reader of this logbook entry know even more theories that may fill our night watch conversations, let us know of any we may have missed!

But in the end none of these theories change anything about the headwinds we have had to deal with nor the slow progress we are making towards Reykjavik, although there IS progress!

Winds have decreased and waves are slowly decreasing as well, our speed towards our goal should be getting better from now on!

Nights are getting very cold though! We are “hot sharing” gloves to steer with, so you don’t loose the feeling in your finger! And all our layers make moving a little more difficult. From the box on the aft a nice tune sings through the night and makes us dance every now and then, which keeps us warm! The sight of Iceland and the permanently frozen glaciers is amazing every time you step outside. The sun set around 23:30 utc as we were passing in between the Vestmannaeyjar islands. Sadly we will not be stopping over this time. Maybe in September, lets hope so!

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