Time for watch hand over

9-12 00:00 board time

It is 00:00 board time, it is time to hand over the watch. But it is also time to get all the sails down again.. This morning a beautiful breeze of 15 knots picked up from the south and within 40 minutes we had all sails set again and were doing 5 to 6 knots again!! During the afternoon the wind increased and the waves were so steep, that we tugged in a reef in the mainsail, as not to hit the waves with the jibboom.

Close hauled, or something that was as good as it got, took us 45 miles, until the evening. We shook out the reef of the mainsail, did another 2 hours of beautiful sailing with a gradualy decreasing wind. It started to turn more to the south south west and we even put in a tack.. but then it was all done.. 2,5 knots, barely going east…

The weather report is telling us there will be a high pressure area on top of us soon, and this is the start of it. No time to linger around. The next 150 miles south have to be made before that high is there, otherwise we will also lose the wind to the north of a low pressure area passing us to the south..

So, biting on our lips, after such a nice day, we are under engine again, for a bit though. Everything is rocking like crazy, so hopefully the sea calms down as the wind did..

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