Time to pack away woolly clothes.. Time to pack away woolly clothes..

Time to pack away woolly clothes..
A day of changing weather and wind. We
have sailed for a few hours, we have sailed close hauled, beam reach and down
wind. We have sailed in the sun, in the rain, surrounded by lightning and back
in the sun again. But sad to say, the wind was only strong enough in the showers
and left us to be dragged back by the current to much for us to sail the whole
day. So the engine is on right now.

We have another 200 miles to go to
Florianapolis and are hoping we will be in the inlet before the rougher weather
hits. Our weather report says there is a high pressure area coming in from land
that will bring with it winds above 20 knots. In our weather reports this mostly
means winds around 25 to 30 knots. The wind is expected to turn to the south, so
that might be a nice change.

We have seen some wildlife along the way as
well. Turtles lazy about in the upper layer of water in the mornings. Whales
have been spotted in the distance and some seals joined us the other day. Also,
the birds are changing, there are still some Albatrosses around, but no big
wanderer any more. Instead we now have a sea gull of sorts that is black and
white with a long tail, almost like a tropical bird kind of tail.

then that, there is not much news to report. It is just the 4 of us on board and
we have settled back into our routine very easily. The nice warm weather makes
getting dressed easy, shorts, tshirt and open shoes or flipflops, when it rains
we put on our foulweather gear, but it is not really necessary, the rain is warm
and if you get wet, you will be dry again very quick in the sun. Maybe it is
time to pack away all the woolly clothes and under layers that have accumulated
in our cabins!

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