Today brought out the first real sun and so the first shorts

Today brought out the first real sun and so the first shorts. This afternoon the
fog that had closed us in for the last 36 hours, broke around 3 in the afternoon
and for a whole hour, we where hot as desert sand, hot as burger’s on the BBQ,
hot as chili’s in a spicy dish, hot as.. well hot as sailors in their thermals
and foul weather gear, standing in the Argentinean sun! AND WE LOVED IT! Off
came the layers, boots and hats. And out came all those awake but not on watch.

Next watch came on deck and the sun disappeared. Lucky for us, around
dinner time it had cooled down some but the sun appeared again, this time for
the rest of the evening. The night was somewhat damp, but full of stars. We have
not seen this many stars for a very long time! Maybe we didn’t even see this
many stars during this whole trip! The moon rose about an hour and a half into
our watch. As it came up it was totally orange and looked like somebody was
lighting up their spinnaker on some yacht that was passing us by. But then it
rose further, came out of the water and lit up our dark, starry night.

The sunrise is getting later and later, it is 04.45 board time and the
sun is just now starting to show a little orange on the horizon. Hopefully we
will have a full day of sun and get some tan on our white legs before we hit
shore! I think our white legs might be illegal in Argentina where it is full

Most of our Christmas urge has gone by now, I would just like to
leave you with some of our amazing English cracker jokes:
– How do you call a
donkey with 3 legs? – A Wonkey
– How do you communicate with a fish? – Drop
him a line

And now the best one!
– What does the sea say to the sand
on the beach? – Nothing, it just

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