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sunset on board the tecla
Tahiti to Hawaii


price 15-25 years


Blue Water Sailing
Coastal Sailing
Cultural stroll
Beach Combing

Highlights of this voyage

Set sail between Tahiti and Hawaii

Your chance to explore the Pacific Islands with the Tecla crew. A month-long voyage will give us enough time to really see what these amazing islands are all about. Dive into the waters around the atoll’s and dive into the culture of the islands. 

Fresh fruits on the islands, fresh breeze out on the waters. With a South East trade-wind we will head for the equator and cross it meeting Neptune on the way. Winds in the North Pacific will turn to a South West wind, getting us to Hawaii. 

This is not just a holiday; it is an expedition. It is all about the experience and seeing these islands in a different way. 

Most of the exploring will be done on the South Pacific side. Leaving Tahiti behind for a short sail to Morea is a good way to start the adventure. Depending on wind and weather, both the Society islands and the Tuomotu Islands will be visited in the first few days. After clearing the official paper work on one of the bigger islands, the ocean crossing will start. 

Although there are island groups on the straight line to Hawaii, there will not be any stops. The tradewinds will take us in a half circle, first going north east then north then north west, skipping the line islands. 

The crossing will take between 16 to 18 days as it is between 2400 and 2500 miles from the Tuomotu islands to Honolulu on Oahu. The crossing is a true Tradewind crossing, beautiful warm days, starting with a broad reach, ending with a close hauled or beam reach course. 

Life on board will consist of watch keeping, there will be presentations on the ship and sailing her, if time and weather permit there will be some celestial navigation lessons, there will be plenty of time to read a book and get to know the other crew members on board. 

Departure/Return Location
Papeetee, Tahiti - Honolulu, Oahu - Hawaii
Boarding Time
02-06-2025 18:00 local time
Disembarking Time
29-06-2025 10:00 local time
Not Included

Day 1 : Welcome on board in Papeete on Tahiti, at 18:00 local time. First evening will be spend with introductions, to the crew, the expedition members and to safety on board. 

Day 2 : Set sail for Moorea. If winds and waves are favorable this short crossing is the best way to get started! 

Day 3-5 : Sailing the Society islands, depending on wind and weather the best course to various islands will be set.

Day 6-7 : Setting sail for the Tuomotu islands

Day 8-9: Visit Tuomotu Islands. 

Day 10 – 27 : Setting sail across the equator!

Day 27 : Arrival Honolulu, clearing customs. 

Day 28 : Disembark in Honolulu, Oahu.