Table Mountain in Cape Town
Cape Town - Harlingen


price 15-25 years


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Highlights of this voyage

Set sail from the South Atlantic to the North Atlantic

Traveling from Cape Town to the Azores is a true Ocean adventure. A voyage of max 60 days with nearly 7300 miles, crossing the equator and not setting foot on land any where before arriving in the Netherlands!

Cape Town is known for many things, amongst them the Table Mountain. In 2013 the Tecla crew made the journey up on the mountain and reckoned it was certainly worth it! From the harbor, Waterfront, you can see Table mountain as a back drop of the Tecla while she is moored there. The Waterfront is a beautiful place to be. With many opportunities for shopping, having a drink on a nice terrace and getting into some markets with the finest foods. 

With many miles ahead of you, sail will be set and the traditional S turn will be used to sail with the wind from the South Atlantic into the North Atlantic. Crossing the equator is a true experience. The changing weather, with changing clouds and winds until there is mostly sunshine and hardly a breeze when you meet Neptune!

With so many days at sea watches will become part of your day to day rhythm and sail changes will be your exercise of the day.

This voyage has been changed from the original plan and the idea is that we make it to the Netherlands as fast as possible. We could be there end of May or up to the 2nd of June. If we arrive earlier you can stay on board while we start work and paint, or you can take this extra time to explore some of the best places in the Netherlands. 

Departure/Return Location
Cape Town, South Africa - Harlingen, the Netherlands
Boarding Time
2-04-2024 18:00 local time
Disembarking Time
02-06-2024 10:00 local time (possibly earlier)
Not Included

No Itinerary