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Highlights of this voyage

Setting sail from Tenerife to the Falkland Islands

This voyage will take you from the North Atlantic into the South Atlantic – crossing the equator. You will meet Neptune on board and hopefully be admitted to his realm of sea creatures. 

Sailing across an ocean is something magical. The rhythm of the ocean, the rhythm of the ship will be all you have to think of all day. Which gives you so much time to read a good book, or keep a journal, work on your seaman skills and much more.

An epic voyage going from the Canary Islands on the Northern Hemisphere to the remote Falkland Islands on the Southern Hemisphere. Starting from some of the most Touristic islands, you will set sail continuously to the South of the South Atlantic.

Riding the Brazil current South, we will stay many miles offshore so as not to have the Malvinas current against us. Going from a warm coastal wind, into the cooler winds in the South. As we make our way south, Summer will get a firmer grip on the weather. This does not mean it will be warm as you enter the Falkland islands! 


Departure/Return Location
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain - Port Stanley, Falkland Islands
Boarding Time
11-11-2024 at 18:00h local time
Disambarking Time
28-12-2024 at 10:00h local time
Not Included

Day 1 : Welcome on board at 18:00h. First safety instructions and introduction of crew and expedition members

Day 2 : As we are leaving the European Union, we will clear out of Tenerife, which makes it hard to visit any of the other Canary Islands. If possible we will make one extra stop, if not, we will sail straight into the Trade winds 

Day 3-44 : Crossing two oceans, meeting Neptune while crossing the equator, getting into the rhythm of the North and South Atlantic Ocean. 

Day 45-47 : Clearing into the Falkland Islands and applying for a cruising permit, if we arrive earlier than expected! 

Days on board will be filled with watches. Depeding on the size of the group, you will be divided into watches. Each watch has their own responsibilities on board. Baking bread, washing out the trash and minimizing its space usage. Steering, lookout etc is also included into your watch. For those who are willing, there will be work on the rigging and sails when ever possible.