Falkland Islands Exploration


price 15-25 years


Blue Water Sailing
Coastal Sailing
Cultural stroll
Beach Combing

Highlights of this voyage

Discover the Falkland Islands under sail

Setting sail from Port Stanley, the possibilities are open to us as we set out to explore the Falkland Islands under sail. Depending on weather and wind, sail will be set around the North or around the South of the Falkland islands. 

As part of the expedition crew your days will be filled with sailing and shore expeditions. Landing fees are included in the price. But any extra costs for activities on shore will be for your own account (think of 4×4 tours, special transport or museum entree fee’s). 

You will be part of setting sail and maneuvering the ship between the islands and into the best anchorages. From the ship you will be taken on shore by our dinghy. There will be new places to explore almost every day. When there is need for night watches, depending on weather, you will get an assigned watch. During the watch you will steer the ship and help keep a look out. 

What makes this voyage so special is that your transport is also your hotel. Your stay on board is in a comfortable 2 person, bunk bed, cabin. You have a shower and toilet ensuite. In the common area  you can read a book from our library or just have a chat with the other explorers on board. 

Your flight back to Port Stanley is not included the price. We have chosen not to include it, as you may have plans and want to spend more time on Saunders, or one of the other islands. Many islands have accommodation for a short or long stay. To plan your voyage, including one or more days before or after the voyage on the Tecla, we work with Sally Ellis. More information? Please send us an email – we will publish more information online soon. 

The flight from Saunders can be booked separately with FIGAS, costs are around 140 pounds. 

Go to Falkland Islands website about FIGAS 

Departure/Return Location
Port Stanley, Falkland Islands - Saunders Island, Falkland Islands
Boarding Time
30-12-2024 18:00 local time
Disembarking Time
11-01-2025 10:00 local time
Not Included

Day 1 : Welcome on board in Port Stanley, at 18:00 local time. First evening will be spend with introductions, to the crew, the expedition members and to safety on board, and of course dinner!

Day 2-9 : Set sail for Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. Depending on wind you will spend 1 to 3 days in Hornstrandir. 

Day 10: Arrival Saunders Island – activity on shore.

Day 11 : Disembark on Saunders Island around 10:00 local time.