North West Passage attempt


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Northwest Passage

In 2019 and 2023, the Tecla crew successfully navigated through the ice and channels of the North West Passage. In 2019 they sailed from East to West. In 2023 they sailed from West to East and in 2025 another attempt will be made from West to East. 

AND you can be part of her expedition crew. 

The attempt to sail the Northwest passage is a once in a lifetime experience. A long voyage of 52 days. Starting off in Dutch Harbor, you will first make your way to Nome. This will be the last harbor of America, where officials will stamp us out of the country. From there it will be over 1000 miles before entering Canada. 

Ice reports and weather reports will be closely monitored as the Tecla and her crew get closer and closer to the edge of the ice. 

The route to take will depend fully on the ice reports. Possible stops include Talayoak, Cambridge Bay, Gjoa Haven, Resolute, Beechey Island, Pond Inlet, finishing your voyage in Greenland, Nuuk.

The ice conditions in 2023 where thus that a passage through Bellot Strait was possible, which is an amazing opportunity. In 2019 the voyage Roald Amundsen made, was open to the Tecla. Although it took Roald Amundsen 3 years, it took the Tecla 50 days. In 2023 a route through Bellot Strait was possible and so each year is different. 

Each attempt to sail through the passage is different. So many variables make it into a complicated but amazing voyage, a life long memory, standing in places so little people have visited before. Seeing cairns left by explorers and walking along shores named after the greatest explorers the western world has known in seafaring. 

As part of the expedition crew you will be part of a watch when there are night sails. During the days at anchor, you will be able to go a shore and explore by foot. As we are in polar bear country, you will have to stay with the guide at all times, for your own and others safety. 

During the voyage you will be kept up to date on the ice situation with Ice Charts that are send to the ship. You will get several presentations on ice navigation, sailing the Tecla, the history of the Tecla, the different explorers of the North West Passage and much more. 

Spend your free hours on deck spotting polar bears or find a snug corner to read a book downstairs. Central heating on board will keep you nice and warm, even if it cools down below zero outside. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! 


Departure/Return Location
Dutch Harbor, Alaska - Nuuk, Greenland
Boarding Time
27-07-2025 18:00 local time
Disembarking Time
16-09-2025 10:00 local time
Not Included

Day 1 : Welcome on board in Port Stanley, at 18:00 local time. First evening will be spend with introductions, to the crew, the expedition members and to safety on board, and of course dinner!

Day 2-5 : Set sail for Nome, Alaska. 

Day 6: Exploring Nome

Day 7 – 21 : Set sail for Tuktoyaktuk to clear into Canada.

Day 21 – 45 : Finding the North West Passage, exploring settlements and testing ice conditions. 

Day 46 – 51: Set sail crossing Baffin Bay to Greenland, Nuuk. The capital of Greenland.

Day 51: Arrival Nuuk

Day 52: Disembark around 10:00 in the harbor of Nuuk.