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price 15-25 years


Blue Water Sailing
Coastal Sailing
Cultural stroll
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Highlights of this voyage

Easter Island to Tahiti

Starting from Easter Island, the first part of the voyage will be an ocean crossing. With good weather, nice warm night watches and maybe even time to take a dive in the deep, deep blue, you are heading straight West to the first islands of the Pacific. Make sure to book some days on Easter Island before embarking, this voyage will most likely leave Easter Island the day after boarding, weather depending. 

There will be enough time to visit many of the islands in between Hanga Roa and Tahiti. Pitcairn speaks to the imagination. Our library has many books about the mutiny on the Bounty, and the last mutineers that lived out their days on Pitcairn. But Pitcairn also has its challenges. The anchorages on Pitcairn are weather and waves permitting and they are certainly not always accessible. 

After Pitcairn there are another 300 miles or so to Le Gambier islands. Stopping on Mangareva where you can hike to the highest tops of the island and have lunch in the small cafe on shore, and visit the local church where you can see and feel the history of the island. The other smaller islands offer beautiful anchorages where snorkeling is amazing, beach bbq’s and evening beach strolls. This is paradise. 

After Le Gambier islands, we will set sail for the Tuomotu islands. If possible the Marquesas islands may be included, but these are completely weather dependent as they add over 900 miles to the voyage. 

The Tuomotu islands are a wide spread group of atoll islands. Some of them are no more than a ring of coral reef with sand and palmtrees. Others have small villages and even some tourism on them. Making our way in between the islands we look for the ones with an entrance big and deep enough for the Tecla. 

Some of the Tuomotu islands were once inhabited but have been abandoned. Structures are left and nature is slowly taking over.  

From the Tuomotu islands the voyage will take us to the Society Islands, possibly with stop on Moorea before finishing the voyage in Papeete on Tahiti. 

This amazing voyage will take you on one of our very special exploration voyages. This path is walked but little and together we will discover islands, anchorages and meet new amazing people. 

Departure/Return Location
Rapa Nui, Easter Island - Papeete, Tahiti
Boarding Time
02-05-2025 18:00 local time
Disembarking Time
31-05-2025 10:00 local time
Not Included

Day 1 : Welcome on board in Papa Nui, Easter Island, at 18:00 local time. First evening will be spend with introductions, to the crew, the expedition members and to safety on board. 

Day 2 – 11 : Set sail towards Pitcairn. If possible there will be a landing on Pitcairn, this is totally depending on the weather, waves and if the local community has time.

Day 12-14 : Making our way to Le Gambier Islands.

Day 15-17 : Discover Le Gambier islands

Day 18-25: Visit Tuomotu Islands. 

Day 26 – 29 : Discovering the Society Islands

Day 29 : Arrival Papeete.

Day 30 : Disembark in Papeete.