From Hawaii to Alaska


price 15-25 years


Blue Water Sailing
Coastal Sailing
Cultural stroll
Beach Combing

Highlights of this voyage

Explore the North Pacific

Starting with a tropical vibe, this voyage will head to a place that speaks to the imagination. Dutch Harbor, a place of fishery and boating, will be our entry port to Alaska. 

Although there are many miles to cover between Hawaii and Dutch Harbor, there will be plenty of time to explore some of the islands on both sides of the voyage. Starting with the Pacific islands, finishing off with the Aleutians islands off the Alaskan coast. 

Once we leave the Hawaiian islands, we will head into the North East trade winds, making as much North as we can. In summer time, we will loose the trade winds fairly quickly making way to the influence of a high pressure area. This will make for some very interesting ocean sailing! With sail changes, keeping up with the weather reports and all hands when we need to set the topsails, or reef down all sails! 

Northern right whales, humpbacks and orca’s may be spotted along the way as they frequent these waters in summer time. 

This voyage is all an ocean crossing can encumber. Getting into a daily routine, many hours steering on watch, night watches, team work and sailing through different weather zones, experiencing it all and seeing it all in the changing wildlife. Get ready for some true exploring, as this will be the first time we visit Alaska coming from the South. 

Departure/Return Location
Hawaii - Dutch Harbor, Alaska
Boarding Time
24-06-2023 18:00 local time
Disembarking Time
21-07-2023 10:00 local time
Not Included

Day 1: Welcome on board. Get to know the crew and the expedition crew. Short introduction of the ship and safety measures. 

Day 2-4: head out to some of the neighboring islands (weather permitting). Full safety instructions and sail handling briefing. 

Day  5 – 22: set sail for Alaska

Day 23 – 26: Explore the Aleutian Islands

Day 27: arrive in Dutch Harbor

Day 28: Disembark in Dutch Harbor