Tristan stop






Running our easting down so they say. What ever you call it we are making good progress towards Cape Town. A stop At Tristan seemed doomed after al the Northerlies but we managed to find a gab and put it to use. We arrived in the evening at an anchorage called Stony Beach. Wel the place was called Stony Beach, I dont think it would class as an anchorage. For us it was al we needed. Hiden from the Northerly winds and swell we had a beautiful evening and the first swim of the year. Next morning we where of to the settlement called Edinburgh. The north facing shore with its potato patch was open to al the winds had to offer. A landing far from sur! Going around the west we where soon stopped by 30 kn head winds. Not ideal… We turned around and canceled the landing. As we crept past the scenic shore we got closer and closer to the most remote town in the world, thoughts of a landing began to reemerge… After a two hour battle with winds and waves we where at the anchorage. Conditions where not great but you dont get a chance like this to often. We quickly dropped the dingy in the water and made for the shore. After clearance a round through the village and quickly back to the boat. Winds where forecasted to pick up so time to go. Back on board it dawned on us that we made it! Something that looked so far away only days ago. With the splendid evening from before we really had made the best of it! Sails up and of we go!

Ocean passage on the Tecla

The yellow beaked albatrosses and the Sooty’s saw us of and have been following us ever since. They nest the long grass save from rodents on the nearby islands Nightingale and Inaccessible Island. We have been spinning of the miles with reefs and without reefs. Currently under Reefed mizzen, staysail and number two Jib. It is party time this afternoon because the sun has left our latitude and is now looking down on us from the nothrn hemisphere. We are seeing her off with some old Dutch games of koek happen and a nice rum punch. It is up to Jet to over take her next month!

All is well Gijs

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