Trust is good but control is better…




sp 8kn

cog 090

Trust is good but control is better…

Our weather forecast left us hanging high and dry for two days. It did not deliver its magic as hoped, or as promised… It goes to show they are a comfort to a fool. We used the engine to gain some much needed easting. The predominant wind on the coast of Cape Town is from the SE quarter. To be able to fetch Table bay we need to make our approach from that exact quarter. The slack winds have prevented us from reaching a comfortable angel, so it is out of our hands what the next 48 hours will look like… One thing is for sur, it is pretty nice to be rumping along with everything set doing a steady 8 knots. The weather has been beautiful. Not to warm and not to cold. Evening skies are just superb with al the colors of the setting sun. The two sextants are making over time checking the accuracy of the GPS. So far so good. Our AIS is showing ships a hundred miles away! A thing that happens often when close to a high pressure area. Many of the boats that have passed us are on their way to Asia via Cape of Good Hope, just like hundreds of years has been the practice. They only look a little different than the thee/tea clippers of the prime age of sail. What a sight that must have been! Stunsails set chasing their rivals doing 16 or 17 knots!

All is well Gijs

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