Under the cover of darkness

Eleven months and a good 20000nml later the Tecla sails back in to the eastern hemisphere. On her way to circumnavigate Las Americas she will be back in the west but not for a while. In the pitch dark a foul wind has us scrambling under reefed sails.

The air feels thick on this anti cyclonic system. The warm sector is approaching fast as the first rays of sun fail to make it through the mist of low clouds. The rain starts filling the radar screen as our wet weather gear gets tested once more. We are on course! Well most of the time, and that is what counts. The old lady keeps spinning of the miles with or with out a jib boom.

Bass straight getting there

Our crew is happy and healthy. Handing over the watch in the driving rain with a big smile. “she carries a little weather helm but you’ll be fine” Says Hanna who normally works from an office not too far from Canary Wharf. Slender Billed and Broad Billed Prions follow our wake. Tireless they move with the wind. The white chinned Petrels are back as are the Great Shearwaters. They make good company and don’t judge when your not on course. They seem to know we are mere mortals… As foul as this wind may be it is very welcome. It does not seem likely she will make it through the day so we make the best of it while it lasts. These warm sectors dont go with out letting you know so we hold on to the reefs and hope it wont be to bad. The Devil is in the tail.

All is well Gijs

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