Under way to Helgoland

Today we set sail from Esbjerg, sailing out during the parade of sail and sailing out of our Tall Ships Village. Everybody is going their own way again, there is no next port where we will moor along side each other again. Until next year. Or for some of the vessels, until the Tall Ships Regatta from Falmouth to Greenwich.

The Tall Ships Races ended with a stretch of catching up. We gained 45 miles on some of our competition, but it was not enough to over take them on rating and so we ended 4th in our class. We were all a little early in Esbjerg, but the city was ready for us. A well organized festival with lots to see and do.

With our new group on board we are now under way to Helgoland. We have mainly people on board we already know, most having sailed with us which makes everything so easy! Just over 40 miles left to Helgoland and maybe we will stay there an extra day or so. Our own yellow brick is working again, so if you want to see our progress you can find it our our website through the link follow us.

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