Underway to Iceland

We have left Den Helder behind us. Setting out into the waves and wind this morning was a refreshing start of our voyage to Iceland where we hope to pick up our sailing season as usual. But there is nothing usual about our little group on board! We have a group of old SaS youngsters on board with whom Sam and I have sailed in the past 6 years of School at Sea. It is a funny bunch, luckily with a sense of humor as 70% of our group is seasick and no holding food for very long! The surprise is one of them, a master in seasickness during school at sea, but now, he is running around fetching glasses of water and napkins for those who are sick!

Through the night the wind has died out. We started of doing 8 knots under sail, which became 6 and then 3,5.. there are still some waves left of the past 2 days of wind, so we have lowered our mainsail and will soon take away the mizzen and rest of the sails, as they are no longer filled with a nice breeze.

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It is good to be out on the water again, but for now, it will also be good to take a nap.


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