Underway under sail


62’20S 066’48W

sp 5kn

course 190

“And so, without tumult and the glamour of leave takings, quietly as the coming of dawn, we entered the solitude of the ocean”

Of we went under reefed mizzn and main, staysail and number two jib. The forecast was good and it held its promise. Yesterday morning we crossed the conversion zone. The piece of cold water that holds everything Antarctic south. A big fog bank market the northern perimeter. Water temperatures plummeted to 3 degrees. 40 miles later we sailed out of the thick air and we shook out the reefs, having kept the boat going ever since. Currently the breeze is slowly slipping a way as is the swell. Happy with the progress we made there are no complains. How could you with 10 plus hour glass dolphins riding the bow wave. A light mantled albatros seemed to lead the way for a while. They nest at South Georgia so better not follow to far… yet. Arguably the most attractive of Mollymawks they sure turn heads! Happy with our own little world we slowly start to look for the first ice bergs. 150 miles is al that lies between us and Palmer Archipelago. Port Charcot intended first stop. Hopefully the Adelie pinguins have not left yet. These are the first to come ashore and also the first to leave. We have no hand in this, what shall be shall be.

All is well Gijs

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