Update Alaska

We have made our way to Mutton Cove, a very sheltered and secluded area. We sailed from Umnak to Unalaska yesterday, starting under full sail with topsail set. We had to gybe, so we took the topsail down and as the wind increased, we did not set in again. Around the top of Umnak, the wind kept on increasing, so before the second gybe we took down the mainsail and were still doing 8 knots!

On the East coast we got into a wind sheltered area, we took down the jib and motor sailed into the wind area again, with just mizzen and forestaysail set, we were ding 6,6 knots and had 4 miles to go, so we figured, that was fast enough! We spotted what I think was a spermwhale, but it only surfaced twice. As we got closer to Unalaska, the wind decreased and we made our way into the bay of our destination doing 4 knots, nice a calm sailing. We spotted tufted and crested puffins, we saw auks, sheep, cormorants and then as a cherry on the pie we spotted OTTERS!! 7 Otters were splashing and playing around as we slowly made our way passed them! In the bay the wind turned and we had to start the engine for the last bit into Mutton cove. A very sheltered bay from the outside.

This morning we heard the news that there was a tsunami warning. Our little bay is very well protected and we did not notice any Earthquake or big swell yet. We will stay in this bay for at least another night and maybe another day as there is lots of exploring to do here!!!

All well on board, Jet.

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