Viking footsteps

T2017-12           Reykjavik – Ullapool – In search of Vikings 

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Price 25> years € 3.360,00            15-25 years    € 2.855,00

On this trip Tecla does not only trace her own foot steps back to the British Isle. It will be a journey through time following the ancient navigators. A cultural and natural voyage, a great combination of historical sites and rare wild live. Standing stones and spitting geysers, golden eagles, otters and arctic foxes, their all part of the places we visit. Witness this transformation, leaving the Mid Atlantic Ridge with its volcanic wilderness arriving at the gentle basaltic slopes. A chance to enjoy the cultures and cuisines of these isolated island communities.

  • Scotland

Sailing between Iceland and Scotland is spectacular. The island groups in between have so much to offer and with autumn falling you will see the changing colors in the sky and on land as you come more south. The viking footsteps can be found all over the Faroe, Shetland and Orkney islands. With history and nature being preserved in a unique way, you will be able to imagine what it must have been like hundreds of years ago.

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