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Virtual North West Passage – the BLOG


Welcome to our virtual North West Passage Blog. Throughout the next weeks (between the 3rd of August and 16th of September) we will keep you updated on how we think the North West Passage would have been, if we would have set sail again this year.

We will also be available for live chats. here you can ask us questions on the subjects that we have put online! These live chats will be on facebook only. But if you would like to leave us a comment, you can do so on our Blog as well! Please hover over the picture below and you will see the blog titel! 

Through Facebook we will share some of our blog posts, but we will also be available for live chats on several days. So if you have questions about our voyage, about the ice charts or the wild life, you can ask us directly and we will be there to answer all and everything! 

Video below is of our 2019 North West Passage

The video below was made by Simon Damant, one of our expedition crew.
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