Virtual sighting of Baffin Island

With the winds light in the middle of Baffin Bay, there will be some motor sailing going on by now. But with an amazing view. Below you will find some of the pictures we took on 2019 – these are made by Joanne Richardson and Gijs and Jet Sluik.

We hope to virtually arrive in Pond Inlet Sunday. Where we would like to go live again. Our first session was a succes, we liked your responses to the feed and would love to ad a few more topics. We will shorten the presentations a little and make as much room as possible for questions and a live chat! So we would like to invite you to another live session (you AND your questions), this time with Jet. Topics will be: the ice charts if there is a new update (these are not yet daily), some more about one of the early explorers of the area Bylot, after whom Ross named the island opposite of Pond Inlet and we will give a small description of the Narwhal. An almost mythical creature, shy and beautiful, living high in the North. Hope to see you on facebook Sunday 9-8 at 16:00 UTC. 

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