Voyage to Greenland Scoresbysund

T2017-10        Isafjordur – Isafjordur – A voyage to Greenland – Scoresbysund

26-jul-17          16-aug-17

Price 25> years € 3.960,00              15-25 years  € 3.365,00

For the first time, the Tecla will set sail for Greenland. Sailing from Isafjordur, you will first get to know the ship, learn to set the sails and get used to the movement, as you set sail for Hornstrandir, the Nature Reserve to the North of Isafjordur. Then when the wind is right and the are no Ice warnings, you will set sail for a night and a day, before reaching the South East coast of Greenland. With the main goal Scoresbysund (Kangertittivaq). One of the biggest fjords in the world! With Ittoqqortoormiit as its only settlement you spend most of your time there in the rugged nature. The voyage will bring you back to Isafjordur.

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