We are underway again, heading North!

55’44.6N 164’54.6W course 030′ speed 5,0kn

On the 24th we left Dutch Harbor. After taking in some last provisions and filling the fuel tanks to the rim, we set off for an anchorage 30 miles further on. Akutan Island and Hotspring bay (a different one then when we arrived!), all the way into Sandy Cove. We had a small breeze leaving Dutch Harbor, we set mizzen and staysail to see if the wind would last, but when we were passed the Akutan Pass, the wind completely left us. By the time we got around the North part of Akutan, it came back though! Straight on the nose and with a lot of force.

We anchored at Sandy Cove to have the best protection, and lowered the dinghy to go explore! It was a wet dinghy ride, but it was well worth it! An hour later it was pouring down hard, so the salt water got washed off again and the ride back was a quick and smooth one. We did not spend too much time on shore as we thought we would return the next morning for a longer hike, up one of the ridges.

But the next morning the wind had only increased and the dinghy ride did not look very tempting any more. Fog was coming down the slopes and almost all the temptation of the day before had gone. So we decided to pack up and get going! Leave the green lush hills and the colorful ridge for someone else or some other year to explore and just get going, to the North!

And so here we are, the first 12 hours at sea are done, the wind is decreasing slowly, so after setting the sails reefed, we have unreefed the mainsail and are going downwind with a bit of swell still running. We hope we can keep the sails full the next 12 hours, after that it seems we will loose the wind completely. Our next stop is Nunivak island. Some more exploring, while we keep an eye on the ice charts. We received word that we did not have to hurry as Point Barrow is still seeing big sea ice come into shore every other day. That’s very helpful information, keeps our minds at ease.

All well on board, Jet.

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