We nearly had fish

19’41.9N 020’51.7W course 245′ speed 4,8kn

This was the day we nearly had fish. Tim was working in the rigging, getting some new fairleads up, when all of a sudden we heard the sound of the reel of the fishline go off. Tim could not get out of the rigging quick enough! Andy came spurting up, as he was off watch, and everybody gathered on the aft as Tim started getting the line in. While reeling it in, the line kept slipping, it was something big! And it was putting up a fight! After a while Tim handed over to Andy, who straight away started reeling in very easily. Some of us wondered how this was possible, it had seemed quite the fighter… but then Andy said, I think its off the hook now… there’s nothing on it any more..
And he was right.. the hook had bended a little, but nothing was left of the fighting fish.. Ach well, at least we know there are big fished in the ocean!

Other then that, the day was mostly nice and calm, almost uneventful, in a very easy going way. We changed the hour to UTC-1 and gybed at midnight to get more west in our course. The waves have gotten a little more relaxed as well, which is good as the flogging we get sometimes is very unsettling.

Sometimes we find yachts around us that we try and race a little.. one ship is nice sailing, two is a race.. But mostly we are on different courses and its hard to tell if we are really racing or just heading in a different direction. Last night we found the Artemis on the AIS, a good racing partner as we have raced her before in the Race of the classics.. But sadly they have had to turn on the engine due to lack of wind… Well, winds are getting lighter and lighter.. hopefully we can last another 24 hours before it becomes too light for us.

All is well, jet
Happy Birthday Sam

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