We tried to sail today..

34’17.6N 012’49.9W course 202’ speed 6,9kn

We tried to sail today.. but were not able to. We wanted to turn the engine off for a few hours, cruise a little and have some peace and quiet on board.. but it was not to be. 

While we were working on a starting issue with our old generator, we thought it might be a good idea to turn the main engine off for a bit, so we could hear better and be able to discuss the problem at hand, while we were in the engine room. So we set mizzen, forestaysail and jib#1. And while it was nice, and life on board became very relaxed and easy going for a bit, we were doing two knots going South East.. about 60’ from the course we wanted to do… Setting the mainsail would only worsen the flogging and make us go away from our goal a little faster. 

So when the generator was working again, we had to sheet in and start the engine once more, so as to keep making miles to our goal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 

Hopefully we will have some sort of breeze at the end of today.. but it seems to be very light weather all around us.. and the Westerly swell is still running, over 1 meter high, and so we keep rocking and rolling, which makes our sails flog in a way that hurts your ears. For those who have been out on the oceans with us.. you know what it feels like, the gaff swinging, the light breeze too light and so the mizzen sail came down again and we are making good miles towards Tenerife.

All well on board, Jet

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  • hans kemme
    2 weeks ago

    Hi Jet and the whole crew. Nice to be able to read your daily posts in the logbook. It brings up al good memories for the same leg from Ullapool to Santa Cruz one year ago. Lucky us, we nearly did not have to listen to the sound of the engine. Sailing was great and Tecla was very fast, in only 9 days to Porto Santo and one day over 220 miles.
    Greetings and hope to see you in April. Hans

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