Why you should come and sail in Scotland

The Tecla is back in Oban and getting ready for 3 extra trips in Scotland. And although one of the trips is filling up, we still have last minute places left for those interested in an amazing experience.

Tracey-Ann Hooley sailed with the Tecla in April and send us some amazing pictures and lovely words of her time on board. Here is what she send us

– It was such a privilege and a pleasure to sail with you all and to be on Tecla. I keep thinking about the amazing sailing and the beautiful places we visited. I especially loved exploring St Kilda and the awesome sail we had back from there, and being at anchor at Loch Scavaig with the mountains and the seals, and then the absolutely brilliant day tacking down the Sound of Mull and exploring Aros Castle. I’ll treasure those times for a long time to come. Thank you all for your wonderful company during the trip and for putting up with me getting under your feet on deck all the time (I was so excited to be sailing again that I wanted to haul on every line, but I’m sure some of them didn’t need hauling on at all…) I learned so much on the trip and I’m really inspired to try and do more sailing again now.-

The Tecla visited Scotland in 2008 and again this year. The crew was blown away by the beauty of the landscape. The many islands they could visit and the hospitality they received when visiting remote or land based harbours. The owner and first mate of the Tecla, Jannette Sluik, said that their stay in Ullapool was very special. They felt so welcome and as they had met up with some fishermen, their dinner consisted off the freshest langoustines they have ever had. Jannette describes their stay in Scotland as very overwhelming. The change in the colour of the skies, the different seasons in one day and the beautiful sailing area with sheltered bays and anchorages close to bright white sand beaches and forest as far as the eye can see, made us come back for more.

Come and join us!

tecla at anchor in loch harport

Loch Harport


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