Windy much?!

53’12.9N 012’13.7W course 185′ speed 7 knots

After starting to sail just over 24 hours ago, we have been decreasing sail gradually until we were down to a reeved mizzen, forestay sail and small jib. The Dutch flag has reeved itself and decided it was to windy to stay up aloft. Small canvas makes it fairly easy to steer, with the wind between a force 6 to 7. The wind is a beam reach, where we would have hoped to have a broad reach.. But winds are not so annoying as the waves. The waves are making us roll and so we have many crew members who can not keep their dinner down. Nor a cup of tea. Unfortunately there is little we can do about that, as we are likely to have this wind and these waves for a few days to come.

golven en wind

The spirit is high though. Its November and all those on board were expecting this weather. The deep low pressure area that caused this wind and these waves (as deep as 976hp in our location) is one of many to come. This is our window of opportunity where we can make South with this West North West wind and so we make due.

We have seen some amazing things during these windy hours though! Yesterday we saw a moon bow, a rainbow made by moonlight! And during the afternoon we saw a double rainbow just behind us. We have seen more dolphins, are surrounded by Fulmar souring through the sky and have seen the waves flatten by the force of the wind. And to top it all up, the Northern lights have been visible for two nights in a row now! Faint but there!

Although many pictures were taken today, we have not decided on the picture of the day, as it was too wet outside and downstairs, many were not comfortable.. So hopefully we can send two pictures in the following day, if we find a dry hour or so when everybody is awake.

So, all is well on board!

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