Winter is coming

When the winds start blowing like they are doing this week. When the leaves fall from the trees and the sea’s start turning a different shade of blue, then winter is on its way. And we need to head South! 

This week our way South is really starting! From Reykjavik we will set sail to Ullapool, Scotland. After that we head for the Canary Islands. A voyage that will start in Autumn and end in  a spring like feeling while we sail past (or maybe even visit) the Madeira group and summer will start when we arrive on Tenerife. 

The 22 degree average on Tenerife will soon climb to 28 to 32 degrees as we make our way across the Equator to the side of the earth where December is the hight of summer and the and the higher latitudes are filled with ice and penguins. 

This year we will be sailing to Antarctica twice, our first season as provisional member of the IAATO. An honor to be working with such an accomplished group of vessels that work towards safe and responsible travel to Antarctica. 


Read more on our voyages on Antarctica 


Or if you are looking for a last minute voyage to the sun, please contact us today and get your swimming gear ready! 

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