Winter month Story time

It is already December, a cold damp month (for those in the North part of this world..) with gales coming and going and the prospect of snow getting bigger. And what better then to sit around a nice wood fire at night and tell others those big beautiful accounts of when you were at sea. Maybe you will tell your loved-ones once again of your hardship out in the cold, while steering the Tecla through a gale. Or maybe you are telling your friends about that time you got woken up in the middle of the night to take away some sails. Has your family heard your stories over and over of how beautiful you sailed that day? How you steered the Tecla with almost nobody on deck. About that beautiful swim or hike to the waterfalls. Or how you concurred some fear, got over your seasickness or learned a new skill?


Please get us through these winter months and send us your story! It can be in text, in pictures or movie or even in song or a verse you made! Please supply all the Alumni-Tecla-sailors with new stories of your adventure on board!

You can send your story to and let us know if you are ok with us posting your story on our website and social media for everybody to enjoy. If you would rather just share a story with us, that is perfect as well! We would love to hear from everybody!

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