With a raging speed we sped out through the Chukchi Sea!

After last nights message, the wind soon picked up more and so did the speed. Averaging between 8 and 10 knots we were making good time. The current was totally gone, but the waves kept building up as the wind speed got higher. With a reef in mainsail and mizzen it felt good to blow of some steam or dust off some dust. The dogs watch ladies had a blast steering through the night, no moonlight, no stars, just a course and the wind.

Then the morning came, we expected more wind around 10 in the morning. And on the dot, the wind was there. The before noon watch hit a max speed of 13 knots surfing down a wave, which made it time for the mainsail to come down. With just one watch on deck, the mainsail came down nice and smoothly and was secured against the rocking of the waves. The Tecla was still speeding along with 9 knots, hitting the 11,7 when surfing down the waves.

At noon hand over it was clear that the worst had come and gone. The sun was out, beautiful light on the waves that had build up to 3,5 meters. To keep the speed up, the mainsail was set again after lunch, with a reef still in. And at dinner time the reefs were shaken out and we were once again under full sail, doing 7,5 knots.

The downside of our speeds is that we were moving towards the center of the low pressure area at a high speed as well.. so now, around 01:00 board time, we are down to 5 knots, wondering when we need to stop sailing and start the engine, as the waves (which have decreased a lot already) are rocking us and the sails some times loose their pressure and flap violently in the short waves.

But we can not start the engine just yet. We first have to watch the Northern Light show in peace, watch the full moon set for another hour or so and try and spot the whales we keep hearing around us. Some even as close as 50 meters from the ship. We can not make out what sort they are, we hear their spout and then see a glimpse of their back if we are looking in the right direction.. but can not tell whether something is a dorsal vin or small wave.. it is just too dark for that..

In about 65 miles south we will leave the Arctic circle if all goes well and just 233 miles to Nome left.. looking back on yesterdays blog, that means we did 242 miles towards our goal in the last 32 hours!! https://my.yb.tl/tecla

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