You can’t take the well from the water…

Lock down Cape Town. Last week we arrived in Cape Town, but had to anchor because we were not allowed to enter the port. We arrived here from Grytviken South Georgia, after the last leg of a 54 day journey. We had not been in physical contact with the outside world, for over two weeks and even before that, only with the few people we came across at the very end of the world. The ship was officially called free of pests as was the crew. After hearing all the news from the office and seeing that the world was slowly changing from the one we left 54 days ago, I had kept a temperature log every day of the week before arrival. And although we arrived well before the real lock down with plane tickets booked, we were not let in to South Africa. 

We had a crew change planned with most of our crew already in Africa and a docking period to start off this spring season clean and painted. Sadly enough it became clear that no one was allowed to leave the ship. 

At first this sounded ridiculous, but now, after nearly a week, it has become reality! Just before the lock down two Britts where able to leave. Why and how this came to be, we still don’t know, but at least they are with their loved ones. 

Jet and Glen also made a dash for the airport, because there was little they could do for us and it looked like they would be locked inside for quite a while. Glen made it out, but Jet is back in her apartment sitting out the lockdown. Consul’s are pushing hard, but the gate to the outside world remains locked! 

We did not bring out any news before this, because there was no positive news to bring. But now we find articles in the media that don’t do our cause any just. Plus it is beginning to look worse and worse. That does not stop us from being sailors! 

We got out the old set of sails and are doing a round of repairs. At first we were not allowed on the dockside, but our new agent took care of that! Once the old set is done we will swap them for the current one. This because of the 5000nml stretch through the trade winds! They will be rubbing up and down the rigging and in the sun for the better part of 40 days. It is great to have these old ones out again and see the scars of 60.000 nml. We sailed around the world with them! And I know pretty much every stich in them! Jet drove them from the Netherlands over the Pyrenees to Benicarlo in the spring of 2010. 10 years ago! Setting them the first time and heeling over under this new power was magic! Now they will hopefully bring us across the South Atlantic into the North Atlantic for a second time! 

The sun is out and life seems to be normal, except for the big gate and barb wire. We plot on and keep planning because that is what we do! We will get out of here and get our people home safely!

All is well Gijs

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